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When taling about asphalt paving there is often a concrete component also involved. Whether commercial or residential, concrete properties are superior to asphalt in certain areas.

Commercial Concrete uses include curb and gutters, sidewalks, approaches, flow lines and high volume or weight parking areas.. Asphalt is not the proper medium for water to flow because it will erode with enough water volume. Concrete is the preferred solution to those issues. You will see it is used uniformly in large heavily used lots. Compared to asphalt, the strength of concrete is its strength.

Residential Concrete uses include drives, walkways, patios, pool decks and any other decorative use you can think of. Residential concrete is often enhanced by the use of stamps and color - usually with amazing results.

Palmer and Polcyn Paving regularly performs the following concrete jobs:

  • Sidewalks
  • Patios & Driveways
  • Curbing and Gutters
  • Flow Lines
  • Heavy-Duty Parking/Traffic Areas
  • Stamped and Colored Concrete
  • ADA Accessible Ramps

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